July 1, 2014

Dress up your window

This window was bare and needed some color. This easy DIY project added a pop of color to the kitchen and made the window appear bigger!

Large piece of fabric measured to the dimensions of your window
Strip of wood
Staple gun
Fabric glue
Measuring tape
Tension rod

I measured the width of the window and made a cut in the strip of wood, then marked its placement about a foot above the window. Then I started to staple the fabric to the wood, first by making a fold in the fabric to make the first fold in the drapes
Measure and cut the fabric to the length desired and fold in the sides and secure them with fabric glue
The last step is to make sure the glue is dry (about 30 minutes) and secure the wood to the wall where you marked above the window previously. Secure the tension rod to the desired spot in the window and fold the fabric to create another flap and you are done!

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