August 28, 2013

Project Patio

This Summer my hot soon to be husband built a beautiful wooden deck in the backyard!
I found these two amazing blue and white ikat pillows for the outdoor sofa and created a conversation setting with outdoor chairs from ikea, an outdoor rug, a coffee table and a chandelier that holds candles for lighting. Outdoor BBQ ready!

August 27, 2013

Club Babycakes

Hendricks Isle will always have a special place in my heart. I was scared but ready to move out on my own, I moved out of my parents house and rented a little beach apartment off of Las Olas boulevard.

The place looked like a dungeon, dark grey walls and black curtains hung from the windows. I looked at that tiny little black hole of an apartment like a blank canvas, that was when I discovered my love for interior design.

I adopted an orange cat named Donald and my design ideas just flowed out of me. I painted the walls white and had two accent walls colored a bright magenta. Pops of neon green throughout in the kitchen, rug, even the coffee mugs. Bamboo window coverings with wood furniture and of course a chandelier over the dining table. Soon my friends named my little one bedroom "Club Babycakes" because of the fun feel it had to it.

Decorating that apartment wasn't just about painting or expressing myself, it created a feeling of intriguing energy warmth. That's what I want to continue to create for others.
Welcome to The Home Body blog!
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