October 4, 2014

DIY pillows tutorial for the DIY challenged.

My friend, Danielle asked me to help her with a project she found on a DIY blog on how to make custom pillows out of fabric and Liquid Stitch, sounds easy enough! The blogger stated that each pillow cost her only $3 and took her a couple hours to complete. Come on...really?
So Danielle chose her fabric from Fabric.com and we started making our cuts...
at $20 a yard, the fabric ended up coming to almost $100....luckily she already had the pillow fillers from old pillows that we were reusing. (Those can run you up to $40 each at Pottery Barn)
We measured the pillow fillers at 20x20 and cut the fabric adding two inches 22x22, the we made two more cuts for an envelope style pillow. The last two cuts cut taking away 5 inches so it would be (2) 22x17 cuts. Try doing this kind of measuring and math with Danielle's adorable boys running around, Finn at 5 months and Thomas at 2 with some potty training set backs... lol

We used Liquid Stitch and glued the fabric together at the borders with the color parts of the fabric touching, so you'll be looking at the inside out while the glue dries overnight.
The next day she flipped the fabric inside out and put the fillers in, this was surprisingly the finished product....

In the end, this would end up costing about $100 for four pillows and took us about 4 hours, I'd actually recommend trying this project if you have some pillows that you want to refinish with new fabric but try Joann's Fabric for a better price.

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